Our Curriculum

At Peppy Sprouts we nurture the development of children by providing a safe place to learn foundational skills, develop healthy, trustworthy relationships and build confidence. We offer interesting, age-appropriate learning activities that help kids discover their academic and artistic talents.

Our main goal is to help increase the intellectual realization of children by providing access and opportunities to engage in a wide variety of activities.

Curriculum Components

  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership development
  • Math / literacy enrichment
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Nutrition education
  • Arts and creative education
  • Physical activity
  • Parent engagement

Our Environment

Peppy Sprouts provides a childcare environment that inspires curiosity and enhances learning. We provide a warm, intimate, and safe home for your child to explore and learn at their own pace. Our space is designed to accommodate children based on age group:

  • Infants: Have plenty of floor space and toys to stimulate optimal development, as well as a separate and quiet nap room.
  • Twos and Preschoolers: Have the opportunity for joyful social interaction, individual exploration, and opportunities to test their independence.

Safety and Security

Offering a safe and secure environment for the children is our number one priority. We make a strong effort to keep your child safe, happy, and healthy. Every parent / guardian must sign in and out. We also take visitor precautions which requires a parent/guardian permission slip in addition to a photo ID in order to have a child picked up.

Physical Activity

Physical activity produces overall physical, psychological and social benefits to a child, that is why at Peppy Sprouts physical activity is essential to our day. We like to spend between 30 minutes to 1 hour with the kids at the park, if the weather allows, to encourage healthier habits and fun outdoor stimulation.

Clean Space

Hygiene and cleanliness is essential at Peppy Sprouts, so we take significant precautions to prevent the spread of germs.

All spaces that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected, as well as all the toys are disinfected on a regular basis.


Our menus include a range of foods which meet daily nutrition needs and licensing requirements. We maintain a weekly copy of the menu posted so you know what is being served on a daily basis.

Meals are served family style and we sometimes encourage the kids to help in areas such as table setting, food serving, or cleaning up. We also encourage the children to sample new foods, however we never obligate the children to eat or finish their food.


Finding an appropriate early education and care provider for your child can be a challenging decision. We want to encourage confidence in your choice, while making the selection process simple and comfortable. Please give us a call if you have additional questions or to schedule an orientation.