2023 Holiday Schedule

New Year’s DayJanuary 2
Memorial DayMay 29
Independence DayJul 3 & 4
Labor DaySeptember 4
ThanksgivingNovember 23 & 24
ChristmasDecember 25 to 29

Hours of Operation

Monday7am to 5pm
Tuesday7am to 5pm
Wednesday7am to 5pm
Thursday7am to 5pm
Friday7am to 5pm

Daily Schedule

Our day begins upon arrival of the first child and ends upon departure of the last child each day. Children will be encouraged, but will never be forced to participate in any activity.
8:30amBreakfast. Those children who arrive prior to 9:30am will be served breakfast.
9:30amCircle Time: Children will have an opportunity to share any news or special experience. We will discuss the day of the week, the month, the year, and the weather.
10:00amPark, Music, Movement: If weather permits, children will go to the park daily. If too cold or raining, children will stay indoors and caregivers will assign indoor games and activities geared toward enhancing their motor skills, growth, and development.
10:30amMid-Morning Snack
11:45amTime to wash your hands! ☺ Children get ready for lunch.
12:45pmClean-Up Time! Children get ready for their daily project.
1:00pmGroup Project Time: Children will each be assigned a project involving arts & crafts, science & discovery, letters & numbers, and/or puzzles.
2:00pmNap/Quiet Time: All kids are encouraged to take a nap at this time. Children who after 15-20 minutes are unable to fall asleep may play quietly. There are books, puzzles, educational computer games and a variety of toys available for quiet play.
3:30pmAfternoon Snack
4:00pmStory book time: One child will be chosen each day to pick a book to be read. Then, we will have a group discussion regarding the story that was read.
4:30pmFree Play: Children will choose their own games and activities. There will be a variety of toys, games, and activities available to the children geared toward enhancing their growth and development. If weather permits they may go outside and play in the playground
5:15pmClean-Up Time: Toys are put away and hands and faces are freshened up for mom and dad to pick up.

Exclusion Guidelines for Illness

Symptoms/Diseases Not Requiring Exclusion:

Certain conditions do not automatically require excluding the child from care.

  • Nasal discharge: in the absence of other symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue.
  • Low grade fever: less than 100 F) in children over 4 months old, in the absence of other symptoms.
  • Eye redness: in the absence of discharge and/or other symptoms.
  • Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: if the child is comfortable and able to participate in routine activities (physician attention recommended)
Symptoms Requiring Exclusion and Possible Physician Attention:

If a child has any of the symptoms listed below, the childcare provider will notify the parents immediately so that they can call the pediatrician. The child will be separated from the other children and closely supervised until the parents arrive.

  • Vomiting: More than 2 episodes in the previous 24 hours.
  • Diarrhea: more watery stools than usual for the child and not associated with a change in diet
  • Fever: Above 101 F.
  • Undiagnosed rash: until assessed by health care provider.
  • Mouth sores: until assessed by health care provider.
  • Sore throat: pain when swallowing, swollen glands, throat lesions.
  • Eye symptoms: inflamed, swollen eyes with green or yellow discharge.
  • Continuous coughing: that interferes with the child’s normal activities.
  • Severe abdominal pain: causing child to double over or inability to walk.
  • Crying or increased fussiness.
  • Head lice and/or nits: Parents can do home treatment without consulting medical provider.
Symptoms Requiring Activation of the Emergency Medical System (911):

If a child has the following symptoms the childcare provider will call 911, administer emergency care and then call the parent.

  • Limp, weak, inability to move.
  • Unresponsiveness, difficulty to awaken.
  • Difficulty breathing with bluish lips.
  • Asthma attack not responding to rescue inhaler.
  • Sudden facial swelling, drooling, labored breathing (anaphylaxis).
  • Seizure activity (not previously diagnosed).

Facility Emergency Disaster Plan

In the event of an emergency, we will evacuate or shelter-in-place as necessary. See temporary relocation sites below. If we evacuate the facility, we will begin contacting parents / guardians as soon as safely possible. If we are unable to reach you, we will begin calling emergency contacts as specified on enrollment forms. If a minor accident/injury occurs, we will administer basic first aid. You will be advised of any accident and/or treatment provided.

If emergency medical treatment is needed we will first call 911, then contact the parent/guardian.

Temporary relocation site #1:

Toyon Elementary School
995 Bard Street
San Jose, CA 95127
Phone: 408-923-1965

Temporary relocation site #2:

Cimarron Park
Orange St
San Jose, CA 95127